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1. Select Your Tastes

Choose what kind of stories you'd like to hear from our editorial pillars: arts, food, landmarks and sports. If you love food, but hate sports! No problem. Hear the unique stories (we lovingly call them Haps) about Chicago that are specific to your selected tastes.

2. Explore Your Surroundings

Our Haps are limited to a one-mile radius, encouraging you to explore new areas of the city and see what other stories are hiding just around the corner.

3. Enjoy Your Haps

That's it!! Happenstance runs in the background, so just walk about your day and you'll receive a push notification whenever one of our Haps are nearby. Just listen, learn and share! Our content is all exclusive to our library, created by us or for us by one of our awesome neighborhood content partners.

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We are scouring Chicago to find every little-known story that we can find, but it is a big city! We're always looking to hear what's going on in your neighborhood! Just send us your idea. For guidelines, below are topics our stories generally cover.
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Meet the team bringing the stories of Chicago to life.
Stephanie Choporis
Stephanie Choporis

Co-Founder + Managing Editor

DePaul University. Northwestern University. Nose to the ground.

Kathy Bartlett
Kathy Bartlett

Co-Founder + CEO

Northwestern University.
University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
Business boss.

Lewis Gardner
Lewis Gardner

Co-Founder + CTO

University of Illinois at Chicago.
42 Silicon Valley.
Code junkie.

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