In addition to being a Big Idea Awards finalist, we had the opportunity to be one of the nearly 100 exhibiting companies at last month’s FUND Conference!

For those who might not know, the conference helps connect early-stage companies with angel investors, venture capitalists and more, which could hopefully lead to meaningful connections and eventually funding.

Prior to the startup expo on Oct. 26, we sat in on panel discussions specifically for exhibitors and VIP ticket-holders. Curious about what we learned? Here were our top five takeaways.

  • Don’t just look for investors who are willing to write you a check. Find someone who is as interested and invested in your idea as you. – Erik Nathan, COO of Sendio, Inc.


  • To clearly convey your idea, make sure your pitch has song elements: a beat (your problem), hook (your solution) and bridge (your approach). – Rajiv Nathan, founder of RajNATION Innovation


  • Show investors that you’re putting your own money into your idea. It’s not always enough to expect others to fund your project. – Corey Mays, angel investor and entrepreneur


  • Figure out your cash flow and how to grow your business. That way, you will no longer need outside funding sources, like investors. Once you get customers, make sales and earn revenue, you can sustain yourself. – Ryan Mundy, chief strategist of Techlete Ventures


  • When hiring new talent, consider taking candidates out for drinks. You will get to know them better, such as whether they could hold their alcohol. – Mark Vargas, co-founder and president of Licentiam

4 thoughts to “We Joined the FUND!

  • Erik Nathan

    Congrats on becoming a Big Idea Award Finalist!

    • Haps

      Thank you very much! We greatly enjoyed your advice at the FUND Conference!

  • Investing Commodity

    Most what i read online is trash and copy paste but i think you offer something different. Keep it like this.

  • Jessica

    So wonderful having you on display at FUND this year. Looking forward to following your expansion in 2018! Happy New Year!


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