Our Mission + Values

At Happenstance, we strive to find and tell Chicago’s most interesting and little-known journalism stories so we can make you feel smarter and more connected to this beautiful, rich city! After hearing a few of our Haps, we hope you’ll want to share your stories! We don’t want you just see the city differently; we want you to hear it differently too.

Our Core Values

Discovery: Through Happenstance, we want you to stumble upon things and places in the city that you didn’t know existed.

Education: We want you to become an expert on the fun, interesting people that make Chicago tick, ranging from folks who say “I do” at the International Museum of Surgical Science to the local stationary shop owner down the street.

Connectivity: We want that gelato shop down your block to become more than just a “shop.” We want to bring people together and a create a Happenstance community that’s 77 neighborhoods large!

Storytelling: We want our stories to elicit some kind of reaction, whether it’s a smile, laugh or raised eyebrow. Most importantly, we want Happenstance to be a storytelling ecosystem. So, start sharing your stories with us today!

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